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    I don`t know if this has been done but i thought i`d start a list of features that we would like to see in photoshop

    I started my digital life with psp 4 and went on from that to ps 5
    the one thing i missed was the browser
    Now photoshop 7 has got it Yippeeee

    I would like the next edition to have the red eye feature that elements has got Maybe a little more advanced

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    I’d love to be able to put the guidelines at angles like you can with CorelDraw. Actually the entire guidelines control feature that you have with CorelDraw would be fantastic with PhotoShop (popup box to add/delete what guidelines you wanted, being able to rotate the guidelines and so on). This is especially useful now that you can do some vector drawing in PhotoShop.



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      Originally posted by T Paul
      I’d love to be able to put the guidelines at angles like you can with CorelDraw. ....snip....

      Call me crazy, but I actually remember a collegue doing photoshop (version 5,0 I think....)

      But I myself have never been able to d it..
      of course I could be dreaming, but I distinctly remember we were making a beer-ad for print and he used an angled guide for aligning the photoshop...

      Then again, I've had more memory lapses..(see my 'Need a CSS hint" post in 'Software" )


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        One thing I've always wanted to see is the ability to change the color of the cursors, because there are times when the cursor is hard to see.



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          Funny you should mention that Ed,

          Earlier this week I was using the extraction feature and needed to switch between a grey and white matte background while I was doing some cleanup on the extraction. Whenever I would switch to grey I could hardly see the cursor.

          Hopefully Adobe will integrate this option into the next version.
          Good suggestion.



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            Hopefully Adobe will integrate this option into the next version.
            Might I suggest those with opinions, ideas and/or strong feeling about this subject make your voices heard over at Look for the "Feature request" thread in the Win / Photoshop forum. (I suspect there is a comparable thread in the Mac /PS forum.)

            Don't get me wrong... I'm not trying to shoo anyone away from RP... just directing those with an interest to a place where your excellent ideas might carry a little more weight with the kind folks at Adobe.


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              Good suggestion Danny. It only seems logical that would be the place to post. Thanks.



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                Toolbars, Adobe. Give us Toolbars.

                But while we're on the subject (and I certainly don't want to discourage posts to this thread...There's certainly no problem discussing it here. Good topic)...

                Some people are keyboard shortcut enthusiasts; others, like me, prefer the point/click mode. It's a "Less Filling! Tastes Great!"-type debate.

                Anyway my most major wish would be the options to a) have a toolbar and b) be able to customize it, ala most MSFT programs... for example be able to drag/drop buttons that represent common tasks, e.g., Unsharp Mask, Gaussian Blur, Add new layer, duplicate image, etc., onto the toolbar.

                Mouse up to the toolbar, click a button and away you go vs. menu searches or keyboard shortcuts.

                It would also be nice to have the ability to assign a toolbar button to a specific action, e.g., DECRACK or the like.


                FYI: Extensis used to manufacture a product called PhotoTools, within which was a function called PhotoBars. PhotoBars allows one to define multiple toolbars. They can live just below the main PS menu at the top of the screen or can be moved onto the main window similar to floating palettes. Up until PS 5.5, PhotoBars worked fine. With the release of PS6, PhotoBars is no longer supported by Extensis.

                An enterprising PS enthusiast, Daryl Pritchard, somehow figured out how to hack the PhotoBars code to make it compatible with PS6 and PS7. He's done a wonderful job. For a nominal shareware fee, you can get the modifications so PhotoBars for PS 5.x works with PS6, PS7. Here's his SITE for more info.

                All well and good, but I'd still prefer the functionality built into the base product.


                WISH 2:
                Customizable menus... Give me the ability to take out items I never use and replace them AND let me order the items in the menu list.

                Might as well dream big.



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