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  • New Action in Photoshop - Help

    I am trying to create a Droplet in Photoshop to resize and frame batches of shots using Mikes Framer. Firstly, I am recording the framing action. In order to do that I have to open an image to record the process. I am then creating the droplet to use that recording.
    Now I find that whatever image I drop into the droplet to frame, the action opens up the original image I used to record the action. How can I record the action without opening an image? Help please??

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    Re: New Action in Photoshop - Help

    Hmmm ... this seems odd. Surely you don't need to record the Open step? Just open a file, then start the recording.


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      Re: New Action in Photoshop - Help

      A good review of the basics always helps. Read the attached help file and make sure you did not miss a step.
      1. Choose File > Automate > Create Droplet.
      2. Specify where to save the droplet. Click Choose in the Save Droplet In section of the dialog box and navigate to the location.
      3. Select the Action Set, and then designate which action you intend to use within the Set and Action menus. (Select the action in the Actions palette before you open the dialog box to preselect these menus.)
      4. [I]Set Play options for the droplet:[I]
        a. Override Action “Open” Commands Open commands in the action refer to the batched files, rather than to the file names specified in the action. Deselect Override Action “Open” Commands if the action was recorded to operate on open files or if the action contains Open commands for specific files that are required by the action.
        b. Include All Subfolders Processes files in subdirectories.
        c. Suppress Color Profile Warnings Turns off display of color profile messages.
        d. Suppress File Open Options Dialogs Hides File Open Options dialog boxes. This is useful when batching actions on camera raw image files. The default or previously specified settings will be used.
      5. Choose a destination for the processed files from the Destination menu:
        a. None Leaves the files open without saving changes (unless the action includes a Save command).
        b. Save And Close Saves the files in their current location, overwriting the original files.
        c. Folder Saves the processed files to another location. Click Choose to specify the destination folder.

        ! Note: You can record an action that saves using a specified file name and folder. If you do this and deselect Override Action “Save As” Commands, the same file is overwritten each time. If you record your Save As step in the action without specifying a file name, the droplet saves it to the same folder each time but uses the file name of the document being saved.

      6. If the action includes a Save As command, choose Override Action “Save As” Commands to make sure files are saved to the folder you specified (or to their original folder if you chose Save And Close.) To use this option, the action must contain a Save As command, whether or not it specifies a save location or file name; otherwise, no files are saved.

        ! Some save options are not available in the Batch command (such as JPEG compression or TIFF options). To use these options, record them in the action, then use the Override Action “Save As” Commands option to make sure that your files are saved where you specify in the Batch command.

      7. If you chose Folder as the destination, specify a file-naming convention and select file compatibility options for the processed files:
        a. For File Naming, select elements from the pop‑up menus or enter text into the fields to be combined into the default names for all files. Elements include document name, serial number or letter, file creation date, and file extension. Starting Serial Number specifies the starting number for any serial number fields. Serial letter fields always start with the letter “A” for the first file.
        b. For Compatibility, choose Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX to make file names compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and UNIX operating systems.
      8. Select an option for error processing from the Errors pop‑up menu:
        a. Stop For Errors Suspends the process until you confirm the error message.
        b. Log Errors To File Records each error in a file without stopping the process. If errors are logged to a file, a message appears after processing. To review the error file, open it in a text editor after the Batch command runs.


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