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Word/Outlook Guidance please.

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  • Word/Outlook Guidance please.

    I use Outlook 2000 for e-mail and have Word as the mail editor enabled. However on opening Word (as editor) I find my home address is by default in the document. Thinking it was carried over from the Outlook signature option I disabled this but the address still comes up. Obviously I can delete the address in situ but really want to kill it permanently. If I open Word directly and not via Outlook the address is not present so it appears there’s some e-mail template somehow got branded with my address. Any clues on putting this address insert to the sword.


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    Hey Chris,

    Well, I've tried searching for the answer to this for you and have had absolutely no success.

    I don't use Outlook though - I have Outlook Express. I had hoped that they were similar enough that I might find something useful, but no go.

    I have discovered in my wanderings through Outlook websites today that nearly no one has anything good to say about it, so I wish you luck.

    I've used OE for years and really like it, although I know there are large and very vocal groups of people who also think it is pretty stinkaroo.

    From what I read on one site today, if you have Outlook you might also have OE. If so, you might give it a try as your email program...?


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      You could try changing the email templates....

      Word includes several e-mail templates you can use when Word is your e-mail editor. Each template has a different theme. For example, you can use the template with the urgent theme to compose an urgent e-mail message.

      1. In Outlook, click Inbox .
      2. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
      3. In the Use this template by default box, click the template you want to use.

      But as far as I can tell, they really don't deal with your email address...I'll keep searching.



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        Changing Your Reply Address

        Changing Your Reply Address

        These steps will work in both Outlook and in Outlook Express:

        Click on "Tools"

        Click on "Accounts"

        Click on the "Mail Tab"

        Click on the account labeled as your "default" account

        Click on "Properties"

        Under "User Information", the "Name" is the name that will show in the reply address. You may change this if you wish.

        Under "User Information", the "E-mail address" is the reply address that will be used as your from or reply address. This is where you change your reply address.

        Under "User Information", the "Reply address" is provided if you want your "From" address and your "Reply" address to be different.

        Click OK.
        You will now have changed the address that will show as the From address when you send an email and that will be used as a Reply address when someone clicks Reply.

        This is also the address that the word email templates' macros probably pick up....



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          One last thought then I am off to bed....

          The file may have been corrupted or changed and that is why your address keeps showing up when you open word through outlook.



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            Thanks all , I think the problem lies somewhere in the e-mail template as the address doesn't appear when Word is opened directly, only occurs via Outlook.

            Its just a minor irritation really. I quite like Outlook although I barely use a fraction of its capabilities. I think its pretty user friendly compared to some e-mail clients i.e. Eudora.


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              It appears I was barking up the wrong tree the solution lay under the General tab in Outlook where there's a complete and seperate editor for signatures for e-mails composed in Word but not called signatures of course !!!. I found it with the help of everybodies pointers and some assistance from that infernal dancing paperclip which haunts MS Office. I was on the verge of consigning the wire fiend to the digital void but his efforts have brought about a stay of execution !!!

              Thanks all !
              Last edited by chris h; 06-22-2002, 06:34 AM.


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                Oh good, I'm glad you won't kill him just yet. I kind of like it when he shows up and flirts with me.....


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