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Question to image processing gurus - new retouching tools wishlist

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  • Question to image processing gurus - new retouching tools wishlist

    We make image processing software for more than 10 years, and our products today offer over 150 various tools and filters of all (or almost all as we see it) imaginable retouching and editing tasks. But we need advice from you - users of image editing software, people who have real-world experience. Tell us what capabilities are missing in today's tools - and you will find them in next versions of our products.
    We will very much appreciate any suggestions or ideas you can share with us:

    - are there any features/functions you would like to see in image editing program?
    - are there any image retouching, editing, or composition tasks you would like to be able to do?
    - if you are familiar with Picture Man - can you point out what can be improved (free trial version is available from
    - what advanced retouching techniques you would like to learn - give us suggestion for new animated tutorials like those found inside Picture Man 4.2 or on http://www/

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Andrey Gordeychuk
    STOIK Imaging

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    I would love to see a deconvolution algorithm (along the lines of Lucy-Richardson or Maximum entropy) included as well as advanced noise/dust scratch reduction routines which take into account the noise frequency while still maintaining edge defination by seperating the noise levels into seperate layered channels thus allowing for each to be "cleaned" seperately....the same for the Deconvolution routines..Thanks for asking for input! Tom


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      Almost would be nice to have the routines capable of running in both a "preset" mode and a much more advanced mode which allows considerable user parameter input from the GUI. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress! Welcome to Retouch Pro....If you wouldnt mind, could you start a thread in the Work/Job section and give us an idea of how the Restoration/Retouching business is being received by the folks in your area? Thanks again!! Tom


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        Hi Audrey,
        Welcome to Retouch Pro. That is really a very impressive image editing package and the price seems very reasonable. A nice addition to the options that are on the market now. As for possible features to add you might want to check out this thread page for ideas also.


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          I've often thought a tool that works in kind of the opposite way of the extract tool would be useful. You'd draw over lines and spots with a highlighting pen, click 'go' and it would analyse the areas under the pen and use the outer perimeter's information to fill in the missing inside information.
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