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PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

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  • PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

    Some files that I have that have been sent to me as .psp are trying to open as "microsoft pocket streets pushpins" files. I can save them as .psp, but they always try to open as mpsp files. I have PSP XI, by the way.

    Any suggestions?



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    Re: PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

    Right click on one of the PSP files and select Open With - this should bring up a list of programs and the option to browse to find the correct one - you can aslo set the default program here.



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      Re: PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

      Would you believe when I right click, I don't have the "open with" option, just open.

      I have never had this happen before!



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        UPDATE: PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

        I finally got the "Open with" choice, and when I choose PSP, it tries to open, then tells me it is not compatible with my PSP version.

        It's so strange, since it shows up as a PSP file on my computer. I have several from different sources that do this. I have PSP XI, does it not read back to the earlier versions?

        Thanks for all your help!!



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          Re: PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

          Hold the shift key at the same time.



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            Re: PSP Files sent to me open as MS Pushpins??

            Thank you Peter!!!!!!!!!

            You are a lifesaver!!!



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