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    Hi all.

    I've just gotten a copy of photoshop a number of weeks ago and I've had a chance to play with it extensively for the first time a few days ago.

    Oh. My. God.

    It makes things much easier. It is an absolute snap to remove wrinkles and creases from facial features. <pity it doesn't do laundry, but if you scan it in, it will do so>

    This is definitely the best version yet (and not just a "mild" upgrade)

    My only real complaint about the program is it's "Patch" and "Healing" tools. They take a bit too many liberties with what you might want done and it will require a bit of masking.

    The option to make a Web based "thumbnails" site is also much easier and looks much better as opposed to the 5.5 or 6.0 versions.

    I've read somewhere that there is a program which will allow us to just view thumbnails and import them directly to photoshop. But I will investigate that when I have more time.

    I need to get to my coffee..I'm MUCH too productive this morning.

    What's Photoshop?
    PS 5.x
    PS 6
    PS 7

    The poll is expired.

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    I voted for 7, but actually I am still using PhotoShop 6. I own 7 and it’s sitting next to my desk; I just haven’t installed it yet. My delay is that I want to organize the files on my computer first in order to back them up and then reformat the hard drives. It’s about time to get rid of all the extra stuff floating around on my computer. However, I am truly looking forward to playing with the new features such as the healing brush.


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      I do have 7, but still keep version 4, in case I want to use the clone tool in that version (it works differently).

      I know what you mean about getting control over the healing brush and patch tool. You might want to check out Katrin Eisman's site, she has a tutorial for the healing brush. It's listed on the left hand menu, under Photoshop 7. is available for purchase. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities!


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        I haven't yet used the healing stuff, as PSP does a great job with it's scratch remover, and cloner. I do love the new paint brushes though. Not as good as in Painter, but quite good and better by a mile than PSP's.


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          I have 7 installed and use it, but I also keep 5.5 available and use it because the layer style menu in it takes up SO MUCH LESS real estate. I can hardly see my image with that giant version that 6 and 7 use. Image Ready has a pallete that is the size of the layers palette that sometimes I will switch to just to appreciate the size of. I don't know why Adobe, who makes both Image Ready and Photoshop, had to make the menu so large in the later versions. I hoped that 7 would have corrected this, but it hasn't.

          So I didn't vote, as I use them both.


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            I have 7 and I love it. I can't see how I ever got along without the healing brush, patch tool and browser. I still keep 6 available but only because I wanted it until I got used to the changes in 7 but lately I haven't used it at all.


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              5.5 rules!

              Started with 5.5 May 2001. It was a lot less expensive (then) than PS6. At this point in my PS learning curve, 5.5 does all I need -- except read actions written in PS6 and PS7.

              Courtesy of her company, my wife has PS7 installed on her work laptop, so I get to poke around a little with 7 + test actions written in PS6, PS7.

              I'll probably do a PS8 upgrade when it comes out. By then I'll be ready for it.

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                I have Photoshop 7, but I haven't used it enough to be comfortable with all the goodies yet. From what I have seen, I doubt I'll ever wish I hadn't upgraded.



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                  I like ps7 alright..... the browser needs improvement..

                  blacknight ... I may be off base here ... but with the pallets .. I just scrunch them up a bit to allow more room . ..
                  and then there is the "photoshop interface improver"

                  but maybe it's something else that you mean that I don't use..


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                    I will attach screenshots (pictures are worth a thousand words, after all!) showing the sizes of the two menus. I am at 1024 x 768 as well in these shots, so imagine it at 800 x 600 or less. If they can do it in ImageReady why can't they do it in Photoshop? Version 5 wasn't huge. Just 6 and above. And not in ImageReady. I guess i was hoping someone would say "Oh - there's a preference for that" or something I hadn't discovered yet.
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                      Here's the same thing just switching to ImageReady and selecting the same option. Don't make no sense to me. What were they thinking?
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                        I can't quite make out what you have open.... looks like emboss.. mine doesn't have all the extras on the left.... looks interesting ,,, but large for sure


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                          Originally posted by rondon
                          I can't quite make out what you have open.... looks like emboss.. mine doesn't have all the extras on the left.... looks interesting ,,, but large for sure
                          Yes, Bevel & Emboss. Or Outer Glow. Or Drop Shadow. Maybe I go about it wrong, somehow. Yours doesn't have all the extras on the left, you say. How exactly do you get to that menu then? Bevel & Emboss, for instance.


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                            I'm finally getting PS7 (the Design collection - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, GoLive and LiveMotion). I ordered it today (from Image Media ) but now I have to wait for it to ship from Ontario. it's gonna be a looong couple of days waiting for it to come

                            - David


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                              That's great. Do you think it will be a big jump from Gimp or are they close in style to each other so that adapting to PS won't seem so difficult? I'm curious to see how fast you adapt to it after becoming so proficient in Gimp. I think there are some features you are going to really like and having experience with Gimp you might have 2 programs that offer so cool features that will compliment each other. You will be busy to say the least with that bundle. Keep us informed.


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