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  • Music Notation Software

    i've posted a number of links to software before, but this time i'm asking for help. i'm looking for music notation/music writing software. the only catch is, it needs to be either free or fairly inexpensive, like in the $50 range or so.

    it also needs to be fairly simple. i actually have a couple of the more expensive, more elaborate types, like cakewalk and that sort, but i need something quite simple, more along the lines of the old Deluxe Music 3 type.

    it would also be quite handy to be midi compatible.

    and, it MUST be able to print out the music in standard notation.

    i'm not interested in limited demos or trials, unless they lead to what i've described above, including the price range.

    so, if you know of something like this, please, post a link here or even just a name and i'll do a search.

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    Re: Music Notation Software

    Don't know anything about it, it just kept coming up in google searches.
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      Re: Music Notation Software

      hmm, from what i can see of lillypond (and thank you for that, btw), it's a notation writer. i suppose i shld have mentioned that i do want to be able to hear what i input, either by manually inputting or through midi. lilly seems to only write notation. you enter it into a text editor and then compile that file and it writes it out in standard notation.

      so again, thank you, but that wont suffice.


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        Re: Music Notation Software

        ok, this one is looking pretty promising: . i've got it installed and playing with it now.


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          Re: Music Notation Software

          I don't know if you've seen it or not, but you might also want to check out


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            Re: Music Notation Software

            I have a set of music fonts that I downloaded sometime ago. They allow you to create music notation in your standard word processing program, or graphics program using standard text. I can't remember where I found them, but you can search for "music font" and you'll find quite a few.


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              Re: Music Notation Software

              Notation Composer is a one that does what you want... I think, but it isn't 50.
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                Re: Music Notation Software

                Oooo... Deluxe Music! Yeah I remember using that for belting out many a high school music composition assignment that was then printed out on ye olde dot matrix printer- ACK!
                Needless to say I don't miss it lol.
                Here is a mob whose software I have tried and I quite like, they have a couple of robust, well-featured offerings around your price range:


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                  Re: Music Notation Software

                  james, that looks really close to the criteria i set up. thanks

                  dave, that sounds a lot like lillypond, which doug mentioned, but thank you

                  and chillin, that also looks very close, except it's $150 instead of $50. still, might be worth taking for a spin to see if it's worth the extra $100.

                  thanks, guys. i appreciate this!

                  if anyone else has anything, please, continue


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                    Re: Music Notation Software

                    oh, that one looks good too, littlecoo! am listening to their web/online music thing now. very clever!

                    thank you


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                      Re: Music Notation Software


                      Steve C.


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                        Re: Music Notation Software

                        steve, audacity can write music notation? i thought audacity was a wave editor?


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                          Re: Music Notation Software

                          Hey Craig. Just caught this thread. You know how frugal I am. Just did a quick check on Sourceforge's site (don't know if you have done this yet or not). Below is the search link.



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                            Re: Music Notation Software

                            thanks, lyle. yes, i've been on sourceforge looking. i think that's where i first saw Anvil. but always appreciate more links

                            i'm getting some great help here so far. how bout is anyone USING any of these that they could give me a first hand, quick review of what they're using and if they like it or not?


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                              Re: Music Notation Software

                              Originally posted by Kraellin View Post
                              steve, audacity can write music notation? i thought audacity was a wave editor?
                              It does wav, mp3's, and even some midis. Have to admit that is what I use it for, but someone said it would also give you notation. Admit I haven't tried that, and they didn't mention how to do it.

                              Someone else here did mention Anvil Studio. I know this will notate because I have used it for that.

                              Steve C.


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