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  • Kelby's Notes - new Photoshop plug-in

    Coming Soon - Kelby's Notes from Photoshop

    Author/trainer/editor Scott Kelby, gives you answers to the most-asked Photoshop questions, straight from within Photoshop itself. It does this by adding a new item to Photoshop's Menu Bar called, "How do I?" When you click on it, a menu pops down with the 100 most-asked Photoshop questions in an easy-to-read dialog box.

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    So Kelby managed to work his way into the program itself. Yup, I can just see him showing off that one in his next round of seminars.
    He had showed us once how you can hold down a key and scroll real fast past all the credits when opening Photoshop and at the very end was listed a special thanks to our best customer, Scott Kelby. He said when he first saw that he was astounded that Adobe had added his name to the credits on their product. Figuring he was getting credit for all his work promoting the product with NAPP. So he goes and shows it off to a friend who laughs his head off and scrolls down to the bottom of his copy and there is his name instead of Kelby's. Turns out it adds it at the end for what ever name you register your copy in. We all had a good laugh on that one including Scott. So now he really get's to be a part of the program.
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      Well, that sounds pretty cool! Maybe they'll find a way to just keep him available to answer questions when you click on it.


      That's too funny!



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        Love the background story on Scott Kelby. Too funny!



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          T!!! You got a new Avatar!



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            So did you! I decided to make another one. Hey I really like all the ones you have used so far! Very cool!



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