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  • ImageDoctor BETA free download Mac/PC

    Got the word from the friendly ppl at Andromeda (makers of AlienSkin plug-ins) today that a free BETA test version is downloadable of their new app. called 'Image doctor"

    From what I see on the site it is a dust/scratch remover and sort of a 'clone' program..Basically it seems to do what we do in Photoshop using the 'clone stamp' but more or less automatically?

    There are examples on the site., but some give me the impression that the 'faults' have actually been added over the 'end result' as a new layer? well..all's fair in war and

    Anyway, I don't judge this product and don't endorse it or slag it, as I haven't tried it yet. It's not a big download, about 2,57 MB. Of course it might be a quite good product and cost $$ in the finall release.

    Bear in mind it is a Beta version, meaning not finished, for testing, might have bugs or give your system a hickup or two..but hey, it's free...
    Since many ppl here actually do more real restoration work than me (I do image manipulation mostly) I'd be happy to have your opinions too.

    I will run it myself end of this week, but not sure how long the download is available, so i thought I'd give you all a chance to get your hands on it.

    get it here:

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