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URGENT Help needed..Painter is sick!!

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  • PixelMover
    The fix where you go to
    edit>preferences>windows and put a tag in the box of
    "display options...Disable device dependant bitmaps' fixed my problem immediatley.

    But downloaded the patch anyway (1hr24mins on ISDN )
    So from now on it should stay ok (fingers crossed)

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Boy!, that's a load off my mind.

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  • PixelMover
    Sorry, forgot to search the posts before asking..guess i was panicking a bit. The solutions worked, so thanks a lot!!!!!!!

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  • DannyRaphael
    Painter 7 goofy screen colors - RetouchPro to the rescue

    Been there / got burned by this one myself...

    Check this out...


    Note: Though I don't use Painter 7 much (even though I've got it installed), I've read the patch is pretty important to install.



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  • PixelMover
    started a topic URGENT Help needed..Painter is sick!!

    URGENT Help needed..Painter is sick!!

    Got a painter problem. I know it's a somewhat familiar problem, but since I've never had it, I ignored it...duh..and now can't find the cure...

    All my interface colors are screwd up..all green and blue..
    Worst of all, it does it to any image I open as well!! They almost look like inverted (negative) and very very grainy..

    Images look fine in other programs, so it is definetely a painter program.

    Of course I tried un-installing and re-installing, but that didn't fix it... I can't contact Procreate supposrt until Monday morning 8:30 and my deadline is 9:00..

    Can't finish on my Mac, because I only bought a copy for the PC so far...

    Anyone who can help me? please? puh-leeeese?

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