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  • Photoshop: HSB HSL plug in

    Hi everyone,
    I have been reading for a lot of time but this is my fisrt thread .
    Nice to meet you
    I have a question for you: I'm searching a plug in for Photoshop called HSB HSL filter (or plug in) that works on Mac.
    I have found it for win just in these forum
    but it seems impossibile to find it for Mac.
    Does it exist?
    Can you tell me something? Any tips?
    Thx in advance


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    Re: HSB HSL plug in

    Its on the content disc that comes with Photoshop. In the optional plugins folder.



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      Re: HSB HSL plug in

      For those who don't have this plug-in (Elements users), you can get a similar plug-in in by PhotoWiz:
      scroll down to photofreebies.
      It seems there is aso a Mac version, but I cannot confirm this.


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