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two colors with a brush

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  • two colors with a brush

    Can I ask a PS6/7 Qs here? In Painter, it is possible to configure so you can paint two colors with a brush(comes in handy for Hair) it can even be kinda done in PSP. Can PS be trained to do this?

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    Hi Fujitive,

    While not an area I've had experience with, I decided to explore your question in Photoshop 7.0. Upon selecting a brush and opening the brush palette, I saw that one of the brush dynamics options is "color dynamics". When enabled, that provides options to control various "jitter" values from 0-100% for hue, saturation, brightness, and foreground/background, plus two additional options for purity and control (none, pen pressure, pen tilt, fade, and stylus wheel). With a white background for the workspace, I set a foreground color of green, a background of red, and selected a brush pointer style similar to a hair strand. I then enabled color dynamics and set the HSB and fore/background jitters to 100%. Not knowing what to expect, I thought I'd see two colors alternating when, in actuality, I saw multiple colors as shown here:

    I don't know exactly what is happening, but this little exerise seems to suggest that the brush dynamics are quite powerful. Perhaps they could do the same thing as you've seen in PSP...I just don't know for sure. Hopefully you'll glean something out of this however.




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      I did the same thing, but too many colors, what were they thinking? If one could control that feature, and change the brush to something useful.......................
      Thanks for your comments.


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