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  • Picture Window Image processing/manipulation software

    Doug, Picture Window is a image processing/Manipulation program from "DIGITAL LIGHT AND COLOR--( those key words will get you to their site). It is gaining a lot of popularity with the Astro crowd as the full version with all bells and whistles and the ability to handle the large bit files,sells for under $100. It is a useful adjunct to Photoshop and photopaint plus about any other image processing program you can name. It supports a great many formats and is fairly easy to learn--It helps to print out the instruction manual as no written one accompanies the product. Be warned it is 400 pages in length. There are 2 versions, PW pro (all the bells and whistles) and a "LITE" version which I think is kind of a heavyweight in its own right. I use it mostly for merging and special applications. Hope this helps. Tom

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    Link is here
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      Looks very interesting. There's a free trial version to download.

      Main liability seems to be that it doesn't support CMYK (no big deal for our purposes). Oh, and no Mac version (a bigger deal).

      Any other comments, experiences?
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        I published my review of Picture Window Pro here
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          Doug, Did you get a manual? I had to print mine out! Perhaps "pay back" for the free printer cable. The thing I find most interesting about the program is that, as you said, it leaves you no choice---you must think before doing. I use it mostly for Astrophotos but have been experimenting using it in conjunction with 16 bit hi res scans. Results are interesting and promising. Perhaps Adobe will take a hint from this little jewel. Tom


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            No, the manuals were PDF files, but clearly labeled so you can choose the subject you need (there's also one big one that acts as a navigator for general reading).

            The way the manuals were written was what gave me my first inkling of how different the program was from other editors, Photoshop in particular. Rather than being written by a team of specialists after extensive usablity studies, they're written by the guy that designed the program, and so reflect the same way of thinking as the program itself.

            I don't know the man, but I suspect he comes from the astro community, and brings this sensibility to the program and manuals. I'm also working on a review of a software package written for the medical community, and it also has a distinct point of view.

            It may or may not provide a better way of viewing images to a particular user, but its a refreshing departure that will make you think, regardless.
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              I found your comments about Picture Windo Pro very interesting, especially from what I presume is a Mac afficiando. I could not let this go, and must let you know who Jonathan Sachs is. You indicated that you didn't know him but presume he is from the astro community. Although he may well be, his greatest claim to fame is the author of Lotus 123. For those of us on the IBM side since the beginning, this fellow is almost a legend...correction, he IS a legend.
              Sorry for the tangential thought, but I'm such a neophyte on the real subject of this site, that this is all I can contribute at this time.
              Carl Laskin


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                That is no tangent. That's fascinating

                I'm actually 'from' the PC world, though I use any and all platforms with indifference, and I do appreciate the impact of Lotus 1-2-3. It was the first "killer app" for personal computers, and none of us would be sitting here typing away without its impact.

                I am glad I didn't know that before I reviewed the software. I'm not a professional reviewer, and I can't be certain that wouldn't have colored my opinion.
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