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Tablet sensitivity turned off in Photoshop?

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  • Tablet sensitivity turned off in Photoshop?

    Not sure where this thread should go but suddenly I noticed the pressure sensitivity for my Wacom tablet in Photoshop is gone.

    I did have it before, and have no clue how it got turned off. This is problably something really easy but I spent a lot of time searching help files and Photoshop and can't find how to get it back. On the Wacom tablet settings itself the pressure looks like it's turned on as I can test it ok there.. it just doesn't work in photoshop.

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    Check your brushes pallette. Lots of new settings in PS7. Pressure sensitivity on/off has always been available, but now it's in a new location.
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      make sure the opacity button on the brushes toolbar is set to syllus and not off.



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        My Graphire also has settings in it's proggie for each graphics app you use.


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