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PS 7's Picture Package

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  • PS 7's Picture Package

    Has anyone had any trouble with PS7’s Picture Package? When I try to use it, PS stops responding.


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    I've only used it once, but there was no problem with it.



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      I presume not, because I don't even know what it is.


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        You're not refering to the sample images that come with the software are you? I think I'm like Greg. I'm not all that sure what the Picture Package is.


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          Greg and DJ,

          The Picture Package is under File, Automatic, Picture Package.

          Below is how the Help Files describe it. But it doesn’t work for me.

          With the Picture Package command, you can place multiple copies of a source image on a single page, similar to the photo packages traditionally sold by portrait studios. You can choose from a variety of size and placement options to customize your package layout…



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            That's it. Worked fine for me.



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              Will you look at that. Sure enough, it's there. Never noticed that before. Cool. Mine seems to work just fine. At least it took a photo and put it in the top box. I can definately see the potential here.

              Have you contacted Adobe for help? If you registered your upgrade you get free help for a period of time. I think they could answer your problem better than we could.


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                Hi DJ,

                I didn't know that.

                Thanks. I'll contact them.



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