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nikon you stupid #€%&#'s!!!

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  • nikon you stupid #€%&#'s!!!

    right. first shoot with my new d700. alot of stuff to think about. yes, rig the lighting and make sure the models are on time etc etc. ah, and yes. i need to get hold of capture software so i can look at my shots on the fly while shooting..

    "captureOne", "sinar captureShop"..see the pattern?
    anyway, i wanted something like "DSLR remote Pro" but for a nikon
    so i google "nikon capture" and found Nikon's "capture NX"
    perfect! i was in a hurry so i just bought it and continued setting up my gear..
    when the time came to use the software it turns out
    i've bought a crappy image editing software.
    there's no capturing going on whatsoever. thanks alot nikon..
    please refund my 200 bucks..

    yes, i know..stupid but who the h*ll named that software..

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    Re: nikon you stupid #€%&#'s!!!

    i just found the application i should have bought. it is called "Camera Control PRO 2"

    off course.. obvious


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      Re: nikon you stupid #€%&#'s!!!

      Is Nikon stupid or is it you that is stupid? Before buying you should of course find out what program does before buying.

      Try before buying is a good idea... Haven't you heard about "Trial"... it's magic..


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