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"File is locked..." errors when trying "File Save As..." in PS7

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  • "File is locked..." errors when trying "File Save As..." in PS7

    I'm having a bad problem with getting a "File is locked" error at least 50% of the time when I try to do a File/Save As operation in PS7. This is almost always while generating a new file, so there is no duplicate file name in the directory that I'm saving the image in. When I retry the operation it always works fine - it's just highly annoying to have to do this 2x most of the time. Has anyone else had this problem?

    FWIW, my images are usually small (45-200k), and my P4-1.6GHz has 512MB RAM and 10GB free HDD space in the partition where I'm saving.


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    By any chance are you using the NTFS file system?
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      My workstation is Win2k with NTFS (Photoshop is installed here), but the data drive is a Win98 machine (Fat32).



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        I just did a quick search at Didn't get any hits, but it's 5:30 a.m. and I haven't had coffee yet.

        If you haven't considered it, the Win/Photoshop forum there might be a good place to start a thread on this one. Adobe developers + a LOT of tech heavyweights frequent that forum. Include a lot of tech detail if you go that route.

        Any particular reason why you're using "Save As..." on new files vs. plain ol' "Save"? Results should be the same, but I'm curious.


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          "Save As" allows me to specify a different directory (the data drive on the Win98 machine) whereas the "Save" will keep the file where it is (email attachments are in a complicated temp path, not easily "findable").

          I'll go look for the Adobe forum - thanx!



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            Never a good idea to save files over a network. Save locally, then copy.
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              Since his problem appears to be intermittent, is it possible the SAVE AS... "doesn't work" when the Win98 machine is in the middle of "doing whatever" (saving a file? doing an open?) during which access to the drive(s) in question is denied until Win98 finishes?


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                Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                Never a good idea to save files over a network. Save locally, then copy.
                Okay, fill me in. Why is that?



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                  I don't know the technical reasons, but I do know that saving over a network is a lot less reliable than saving locally. Probably due to so much going on over the network, bits get lost. Adobe agrees with me on this, btw (not about bits getting lost, I was guessing there, but about never saving over a network)
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                    Thanks for the explanation.



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