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  • free backup software

    I just recieved this e mail today is it legal ? I paid $640.00 for PS6
    and recieved free update to PS7. This sounds like a scam
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    I can't seem to open your text file for some reason but I do seem to recall people mentioning that depending on when you bought your version 6 that you were entitled to a free upgrade to 7. It had to be within a few months of the release date of 7. I bought my upgrade 6 last August so I didn't qualify. Since I can't seem to open your attachment, does it seem like it's from Adobe or just some Joe Schmoe Web guy? I think there are others on this site who would know more than I do about it because I believe I heard it here.


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      free backup software

      I pasted it from notepad if there is another program that you prefer I can try that. It did open for me when I went to try it


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        I have notepad and when I click on your attachment it opens notepad but immediately I get a message saying it can't find some directory of temporary internet files. I'm suspecting that is the place the download goes automatically.
        I may be the only one with this problem so don't go through any trouble for me. As I said, I think there are others here who know more about it than I do. Doug may know about it since he's pretty good for ferreting out those type of deals. I just remember hearing about it so before you delete the e-mail see what others can tell you first. It may not be a crazy scam. You could also check with Adobe themselves. I would imagine it would be their offer to begin with.


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          I would say that backup software means just that! If you have the program, you are normally granted the right to make one copy of it for backup. If this guy's charging you for burning the CD, well...figure it out yourself.



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            I don't like it when he says "The only thing you can NOT do is register the software." if it was legal software you would be able to register it. I would steer clear of it if it were me.


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              Well, not being able to read it has a definate disadvantage here. Sounds like you're getting good advice and it's definately not what I was thinking it was.


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                It's a scam. Forward it to [email protected] please.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  backup software

                  Thanks Doug I did what you sugested and forwarded it to Adobe
                  I myself do not need someone to burn my software,I can do it myself if I would ever wanted to.Just thought it was something to talk about


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