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    These are Mac only, but look very interesting. I wish there were Windows equivalents (any Filter Factory users out there?)
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    Thanks Doug. This seems to be an attempt to improve the eliminate white filter.

    For the PC users (or Mac), here is a similar plug if you feel that you are missing out:

    * Eliminate White

    Simply run the Eliminate White filter on an inverted black background image to remove black, then invert again. Two filters for the price of one!

    Filter works like this:

    In a RGB file with a white background, make the layer a non background layer (not flat). Run the EW filter. Use the layer/matting/remove white matte command to restore saturation. With luck your image will have a semless white background removal.

    A similar trick is to use the LAYER OPTIONS gray BLEND IF SLIDERS in Photoshop. In the upper blend if layer, drag the white slider from 255 to 254. All the pure white 255 values will become transparent. Hold down opt/alt and click the slider and drag the left half to 244 so that it is split between 244 > 244. Tones at the 255 point will be totally transparent. Tones ranging from 244 to 254 will gradate softly to 'feather' the tones between these values to form a less harsh edge.

    The blend if sliders are one of my most used methods for many, many tasks - from masking to colour correction.

    The multiply blend mode will also drop out all pure white tones to be transparent, but the effects on other tones usually make this method less useful.

    I have been using the eliminate white filter since ver3 of Photoshop, so if there are any questions above the simple instructions above - then please feel free to ask. Do not expect miracles from this filter, but it can be of some small help.

    There are many ways to remove a pure white background and every image reacts differently to various methods.

    Stephen Marsh.


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