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Filter Forge for Mac is Now Open Beta!!!

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  • Plug-In: Filter Forge for Mac is Now Open Beta!!!

    well, the big news of the day is as the title says, FF for mac has gone beta. and, it's an open beta, meaning anyone with a mac can download the new mac FF version and test it out. here's the link to the site and page:

    any of you who may not know what Filter Forge is, well, it's my favorite plug-in for photoshop and other programs that can handle .8bf plug-ins. it also works in stand-alone mode, which is how i use it most.

    and what does it do? why, it makes filters for graphics programs and, uses filters already made. there are currently over 5000 (!!!) filters already in the public FF library, which means, if you have the program, you can download the filters for free... yep, all 5000 + for free!

    these filters were mostly made by non-filter forge employees. they were mostly made by users, like me and some others. i've currently contributed 80 filters to the public library and have quite a few more for my own use

    folks who contribute to the library can get FF for free by having three or more of their contributed filters go to what is called 'high use' or HU. this is determined by the number of downloads but more so by polled usage stats and averaged over a period of time.

    but, if you're a beta tester and actually find a bug or two, you can get the final version for free also. i was a beta tester for the original program and got mine free that way. FF inc. was very generous with how many freebies they gave out at the end of the beta, so, if you have any interest in FF at all, but dont really want to test out a $300 program on a 30 day (90 days with extensions) trial basis, this is an excellent way to get your feet wet and get the program for free!

    now, for the caveats not all of those 5000 + filters are gems. frankly, there's a lot of crap in that library but, there are a lot of gems, too. i work with some these geniuses that make these gems and trust me, you do get your money's worth from this program!

    but, the real beauty of the program is that if you dont like what you see, you can make your own. and, you dont have to know how to code! it's a plug 'n play system in making the filters and most of you that know photoshop or something similar, would understand the components used in plugging in to each other. for instance, there's a sharpening component, a black and white points component, a threshold component, a noise component (several in fact) and many others. you also get controls to plug into these components and are able to somewhat map those controls how you want them. there are also a large number of curves components. you think curves is useful in photoshop? wait till you try out a noise curves, or a wave curves or a linear curves or a step curves and start plugging those into other components!

    guys, this stuff is pure create with a very low learning curve. sure, you have to learn a few mechanics and rules, but it really is pretty much plug 'n play.

    so, get in while the getting is hot. i dont know if they're going to limit the number of applicants or not, but i do know it just opened up, so NOW is the best time.

    if you need any help, the forum over there is fairly small, but of very helpful people. so, drop in and say hey

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    Re: Filter Forge for Mac is Now Open Beta!!!

    Craig is right, this is an exciting time Mac users have been waiting a long time for! I've been using Filter Forge for a couple of years under Windows emulation (it was well worth the detour), but to run it natively is wonderful.

    You get more preset effects in one place than with any other plug-in or app (many of them unique to FF), plus the option of modifying them or even making your own as Craig described.

    See some of my examples here and in issues 9 and 13 of the Plugs 'N Pixels ezine.


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