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Question about the lord of the rings plugin

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  • Question about the lord of the rings plugin

    Yes i cant find the company who makes the plugin for Lord of the any of you know the name of the company or have a link...also im wanting to find a website where i can buy more plugins there like an online store site which hosts all the companies plugins ..if so may i get the name of it as well...also if not may i get the best companies which you think have the plugins which you would recommend and there names..thanks

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    Re: Question about the lord of the rings plugin

    only plug-in i found was for after effects:

    Furnace for After Effects

    Furnace is based on motion estimation technology and has already been used on films including "The Matrix," "Harry Potter," and "The Lord of the Rings." Furnace is designed to tackle many complex day-to-day compositing problems. The After Effects tools in Furnace are Kronos, an optical-flow retimer, and Steadiness, which removes camera shake without the use of tracking points.

    and it is also discussed here:


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