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  • help with brushes

    I've been playing around with the brushes finding out how they work and making new ones.Now when i use the pencil tool it will not draw a straight smooth line.I reset photoshop 7 preferances but that didn't help.What did I mess up?

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    hmmm - havent heard or experienced anything like this - but I will hazzard a guess at anti-aliasing (if you can with the pencil)

    I will look into it a bit more, but I am sure some bright spark will have sorted you out by then.


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      Wow, never heard of that either. If you don't get help here, I would take those little sobbing smilies over to Tech support at Adobe and let them sort things out. Makes me leary of experimenting with brushes after you mentioned that. Good luck and let us know if you find out what's going on.


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        I think you have to hold down "shift" for the pencil tool to draw a straight line?


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          Banana man is right, hold down shift key to get your straight line. For more fun, As go up to the brush options and move the spacing lever over to the far right and then use the pencil tool as you hold down the shift key.


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