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  • Photoshop Elements demo needed

    Now that Elements 2 is on it's way this summer, Adobe has removed the demo file for Elements v1 from their site. Naturally, I have an immediate need for this demo.

    If anyone has a copy of the demo (not the full program, lets keep this legal), along with a high-bandwidth connection (it's 50meg), please PM or email me ASAP.

    Or, if anyone knows of an alternate download site that still has the file (all my regulars have removed it), that would work, too.
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    I just got another brand new Elements disk with my wacom tablet. I already have Elements which came with my scanner so this new one is not even opened. It's not boxed as it was bundled with the tablet but it is still in the sealed envelope with the serial number. Is this any good to you?


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      It's a very generous offer, but considering I need this tonight or tomorrow, it would probably cost more to ship overnight from Australia than it would be for me to just buy it.

      Thanks again.
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        ok, sorry didn't notice that you said you needed it immediately.


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          What is it?

          What is Elements? What does it do? If it works with a Mac and is useful I might be interested in buying yours.

          Convince me.



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            Elements is a subset of Photoshop. It's much less expensive (or even free with some scanners and tablets), and aimed at more casual users.
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              Yes, Phyllis - there is a Mac version. I got it with both my printers and the latest scanner I bought. The install CD has both Mac and Windows versions.



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                Ok, I got it. Thanks for everyone's interest.
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                  so what does adobe elements actually do? what do u mean by subset???


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                    Picture Photoshop. Now remove channels, curves, history brush, layer masks, quickmask, highbit, CMYK, and a bunch more. You do still have layers, some adjustment layers, history palette, and most tools. Plus it uses all filters.

                    Now add an admittedly pretty cool HTML-based addons/hints handler, and you've got Elements.

                    I just got v2 yesterday, and I'm actually pretty impressed. I've made snide, negative comments about Elements in the past, but I was speaking in ignorance. I do miss channels and qm, though.

                    Btw, it looks almost exactly like Photoshop, so this is the way I'd push beginners. Going from Elements to PS would be effortless (at least until they started trying to learn the new features).
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                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Do you know if you can upgrade from Elements 2 to PS 7? I am just learning PSE2 but wonder about outgrowing it and wishing I had gotten PS 7.


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