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paint shop pro versus photoshop

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  • paint shop pro versus photoshop

    I was wondering wht the differences are between paint shop pro and photoshop
    Not the price but the actual program
    Can you basically do everything in both or are there somethings you cannot do in paintshop pro
    like curves levels etc....

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    Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

    there are quite a few differences, but this subject has been covered several times in this forum. i'd suggest a search here to find those threads. (though, i dont think cs4 was covered)


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      Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

      I can remember using PSP when I started out...and Photoshop was so expensive and hard to use. I had to make a professional decision to go with Photoshop because that was the more accepted professional program. That was 7 years ago...and although the transition was difficult...It was very worth it!!!

      Best of luck,




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        Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

        Trial versions are a good way to compare. I actually have both, though I use Photoshop 95% of the time.


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          Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

          difference? Night and Day


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            Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

            Paint Shop Pro was a great program when Jasc owned and published it. Each successive iteration by Corel has "dumbed down" the interface and several of the tools to the detriment of the program.

            Just my 2 cents worth. YMMV.



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              Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

              Try ths search:



              PSP has a lot of built-in functionality/special effects that Photoshop does not have (but can be added separately).

              Although Photoshop is considered "industry standard" for folks doing commercial work, PSP is a highly capable image editing program. It is very suitable for most image editing tasks.

              Boatloads of books, videos, training and the like available for PS; much less so for PSP.


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                Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

                I was a fan of Corel many years ago, then it fell well and truly behind Photoshop standards. I trialled and then bought Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultima some weeks ago and am really pleased with it and have begun using it instead of Photoshop.
                It does everything Photoshop does and I feel comfortable with it [I am not a Pro] and the price is right. Download the trial version and try it!


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                  Re: paint shop pro versus photoshop

                  Not real sure about this, but if you are new to both, you will want all of the tutorials you can get. I am sure there are more tutorials for photoshop.


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