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Photoshop 7: Dynamic Brushes

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  • Photoshop 7: Dynamic Brushes

    I thought that this might be a good thread to talk about PhotoShops dynamic brushes and people can add websites on it or their own opinions, tips, techniques etc.

    The new Brushes palette in Photoshop 7 is packed with controls and options to transform ordinary brushstrokes into complex patterns and textures. Here's how to tap into Photoshop 7 features like shape dynamics and dual brushes.

    By Pete Bauer,
    Tuesday, June 25, 2002
    For more go here
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    Understanding the Brushes Palette

    Another good article:

    Photoshop 7: Understanding the Brushes Palette
    The Brushes palette in Photoshop 7 gives you unprecedented control of the angle, size, shape, and direction of your paintbrushes. If you haven't tried the new Brushes palette here's how to get started.

    By Pete Bauer,
    Tuesday, June 18, 2002

    For more go here


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      I have (as I am sure many will have done) made loads of brush sets for numerous uses over the years. I havent made many PS7 ones, although I am still in the process of trying to create natural media ones I would be happy to let others use them if they wanted, likewise I would be delighted to see and use other peoples creations.

      Would this be the place to trade brushes we have made?, or with bandwidth and other considerations, would we be better served uploading to a more specific site?

      In an edit to my post, if specific site would be better, I would be willing to host/accomodate some webspace - nothing special. Other than here or on mine, the other place that springs to mind is the Adobe Action Xchange, perhaps ReTouchers will be flooding the Xchange with quality brushes.

      Any opinions or feedback welcomed


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        Unless Doug objects, since this is a PS7 specific thread (in title, anyway) it's my opinion that a separate thread for uploading / sharing brushsets would be the way to go. I'll bet there's some quality sets among the RP members.

        The sets available at the Adobe site are generally of little to no value. Starting a thread here with quality sets would help attract folks to this site. Nice of you to offer.

        My .02...



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          Sounds like a good idea to me as long as:

          a) they're original to the poster (ie: poster designed them)
          b) they're zipped up (can't attach them otherwise)
          c) some meager attempt is made to categorize them (ie: not just "here's my brushes" or ""
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