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  • Adobe Gamma question

    Reading Ian Lyon's article 'Colour Management and Adobe Photoshop 7'. I came on page 13 to this statement: 'if monitor RGB is showing something other than the profile you created when calibrating the monitor it is essential that you investigate the reason...'

    How can I be sure of what profile Photoshop is using?
    I try to refine my Gamma procedure, so I save different settings...i.e 'PT775B0120802', indicating brightness level and date...
    however the only name I can see in 'monitor RGB' is always 'PT775', not the full name I give them, so I have no clue. Since there are other profiles with long names, I assume that is not the problem...

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    What platform and OS version is in use?

    On Mac go the the system folder/colorsync files folder or on PC the windows/system/color (or what it is known on your version).

    Delete all the old monitor profiles and only have the current one there.

    In theory you would build up a lot of old useless monitor profiles if you did not do any housekeeping - since the monitor is usually calibrated regulary (for me at least once a week).

    Alternativly do not use a date but a more generic name and overwrite this file with each new calibration.

    Hope this helps,

    Stephen Marsh.


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      Thank you.
      I'm using PC, Windows ME.
      Your idea should ensure that the last profile is used, I think...I'll try.
      However I think the profile should have the name I give it...and PS should load a current version!


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        Well, I finally sorted this out.

        Windows and Photoshop actually knew my latest color profile, but the name was incorrect in PS because I had misinterpreted the second Adobe Gamma panel, after selecting Wizard.

        This second panel refers to two different things:

        on the upper side, you give a name to the profile you are going to develop.

        on the lower side, it says ´this profile....' and refers to the starting point you should load in the first place.

        Well...sorry but it was confusing to me.

        The good news is that I can maintain the naming convention including date.

        Thanks, Stephen.


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          Hi Efivern, glad you got things sorted out.

          Here is a link to a good article with a great calibration image to download to use to aid in using Adobe Gamma. View this image from a web browser (with any colour management turned off in the web browser if it has it, like on MSIE on Mac) and not Photoshop as you calibrate/profile with Adobe Gamma.


          Stephen Marsh.


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            Thank you for the link, Stephen.
            I always suspected that something dreadful was waiting behind the innocence of Adobe Gamma...'make the inner square bare visible while retaining a bright white'!
            Well, it seems there's nothing good and simple in life, at least in digital life!
            Enrique F. Ivern


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              Thank you for that link! I hadn't gotten there yet in my travels (and travails) trying to get my monitor working. There is a lot of really important information on monitor calibration that was missing in other articles/tutorials I've read over the past few days.

              I had trouble with Adobe Gamma's 'make the inner square bare visible while retaining a bright white' too! I just happened to have downloaded a demo of MonacoEZcolor and found their "eye-ball" calibration method to be much more accurate than Adobe Gamma. I haven't yet tried the more detailed info in the link Stephen provided, but I can't wait. (Someday soon I'm going to know more about this topic than I ever wanted to!)



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