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  • The 'Vue' from here.

    I've just started dabbling with Vuescan, seems a very flexible program. Does Vuescan appear in anybodies File/Import menu in PS7 as it doesn't show in mine. I thought P'Shop might have recognised or acquired it.

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    It does not appear in my PS import menu. I think it is stand alone only.



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      Thanks J.


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        Yes, Jeanie is right, Vuescan is a standalone program. I think PS looks for Twain drivers under its Import function. Vuescan doesn't use Twain.

        Nice thing about Vuescan is that it doesn't mess around with the registry. If you want to get rid of it, you simply delete the directory it lives in. Unfortunately for me, there are no drivers for my flatbed and Ed Hamrick said he's not going to write any
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          Ok Al, I had a HP 5490 which wasnt compatible with Vuescan. It was on loan and has now returned to my brothers office and I've finally got an Epson 2450.


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            there are no drivers for my flatbed and Ed Hamrick said he's not going to write any
            In responding to the Nikon driver thread, I visited Ed Hamrick's site again and found that he now supports my type of scanner. Can't wait to try it out, as the results looked really good on my Epson FS200 film scanner. I don't mind buying the s/w if it works on both of my scanners.


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