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Sharpening: Comparison of methods, tools

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  • Sharpening: Comparison of methods, tools

    Ran across the following site where an interesting siide-by-side comparison of various sharpening methods can be found.

    Photoshop's standard Unsharp Mask USM is compared to the likes of UltraSharpen Pro, Nik Sharpener Pro and the "Jeff Schewe method," plus two others.

    Click here.

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    I really scrutinized that one Danny. I was really surprised at the results. I'm not sure I would go through all the trouble to select every thing as in Jeff Schewe's method but I am looking into that Ultra Sharpen 5 Pro. Looks pretty good.


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      Thanks for the link DJ, it might have to go with my other USM links:

      The UltraSharpenPro filter seems to do everything Photoshop can - it is similar to a Photoshop action (it uses native APS features and does not add any magic of its own, if I am not mistaken).

      I don't have the time now to look at this page, but I will...




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        You're welcome Stephen but I didn't find the link, DannyRahpael did. You sure have a collection of good links yourself. I already have them in my favorites as well and frequently check them out.


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          Sorry DJ - although you deserve 'general' credit, the specific credit has to go to DR...(my simple mistake). So thanks Danny. <g>

          Not sure if I agree with all the articles methods/conclusions - but it is nice to see some visual results compared.

          Stephen Marsh.


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            I think by now......Reading Mr. Schewe posts on sharpening. He uses the 'Blend If" sliders. Instead of selections.....Or you can use layer masks.

            Hey. Lets do it the hard way. Use a clippings path with the pen tool.


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              Eddie Tapp USM action

              Eddie Tapp (Master of the digital pixel) has a new trick for sharping images.

              Create copy layer of flatten image
              Run USM at 500%, .5 Radius, 5 Threshold
              Change layer to Luminosity
              Reduce Opacity to 50%

              Of course just like everything in life "season to taste".


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                I'm new to photoshop. But I learned that in high school last year. It's a little lame for sharpening. I been reading some different ways from the gurus of photoshop.


                Their's even an action for it.


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                  This may seem like a stupid question, but isn't the output resolution the primary (non-content) determinant of the radius? In the review, the 1600 SPI input resolution was used--making it not very useful to say the halos were too large (when viewed on the web).

                  Am I missing something?

                  (I'm kind of new to Photoshop--I've only been using it since v1.04--and I could easily be overlooking something obvious.)


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