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Need help with keyboard command!

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  • Need help with keyboard command!

    Why won't it let me delete this post/thread? It says I don't have permission, even though I made the thread. I guess Doug has to do it? Anyway, since we're stuck with it for now, here is what it was about...

    I needed help with a problem I had tonight, which I have since figured out how to fix. In case you ever hit a keyboard combination by mistake that changes a set keyboard command to a different function, here is how you fix the problem:

    Highlight the function you want in the menu while you hold down command/control and click. Voila! You add/change a keyboard shortcut!

    Discovered by trial and error with much mumbling of not-so-nice words since my PS7 manual was no help (if it was in there, I couldn't find it--big book). But now I'm glad it happened since there are some functions I use a lot that have no set keyboard shortcuts, and now I can add them! Yay!

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    You can delete and edit all your own posts, with the exception of the very first post in a thread. You can edit, but not delete such a post. I or that forum's moderator can delete it, so let one of us know if this is desired.
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      I'm glad you didn't delete it.
      I learned something new.
      Thanks, Phyllis