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  • PhotoBrush

    I came across this program at

    They offer a free 30 day trial and it looks to be a cool little program and if you like it, it's only $38.00 to buy it.
    It seems to offer quite a bit for that little bit of money.

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    That does look pretty cool Ken. Have to look at it more in depth when I get the time but from a first glance it's got definate potential. The price is certainly right.


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      Looks really interesting. I noticed that the low price is an "introductory" price available for "a limited time only", but they don't say how limited. In any case, seems like it might be an interesting program to at least download and try out. The demo is fully functional for 30 days.



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        I've got it. It's highly functional and for $38 offers a lot of bang for the buck. I use it mosty for a couple unique "arty effects" it has that I've found nowhere else.

        I'd be suspicious of the "limited time" claim. I've had it several months and it was a "limited time" deal when I got it. I guess everyone has an opinion of how long a "limited time" is.

        Download for a test spin? Great advice.

        A 30-day unlimited trial is pretty good. Sure can't hurt to download and exercise the heck out of it.


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          I downloaded it, what a disapointment! I am sure anyone using PSP or PS will not need this


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            Hey Digitial'Guy... Welcome to RetouchPRO. Appreciate you leaping right in with a comment.

            I fully agree. Photo-Brush is no PSP or PS.

            If one doesn't have Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop yet, my impression was that Photo-Brush has quite a bit of functionality and would be decent low cost, entry level image editor.

            To what degree would you buy into that (or not)? Are there other low cost (less than $40) applications you'd recommend instead?

            Since you don't know me and so there's no misunderstanding, I'm not trying to get into a urinating contest here... just genuinely interested in your point of view. - djr.



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              Thanks for the nice welcome Danny, think I am gonna like it here!


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