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  • Anyone a PSP user?

    Hi, new here, just wondering if anyone else here is a PSP7 user like myself? I started with version 4

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    I also started with vs. 4, and can't wait for 8 to come out. I know it won't be too long. On the PSP NG I use, there are actually PSP employees to ask Qs of. I have been bugging them for a long time to make better brushes, and their paint engine. It needs to compete with PS and PS 7 has new improved brush technology, so I'm hoping Jasc will do the same.


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      PSP 7

      I started out using Paint Shop Pro about 2 years ago when I first got interested in building web sites. I used Paint Shop to make animated banner ads which was great.

      Now I am going to school of multimedia and I am learning PhotoShop as it is an industry standard. I had PhotoShop 5 for a long time but I never really used it because I was so familiar with Paint Shop that I has having a hard time trying to figure out how to work PhotoShop.

      Now that I have had about 9 weeks of Photoshop training I have basically forgoten how to use Paint Shop the way that I use to.

      I was imperssed by the way images and photos don't loose their integerty as much durring transisions in PhotoShop the way they do in Paint Shop Pro. I found that the only part of Paint Shop where the images don't loose their integerty is when you are using the picture tubes.

      I liked Paint Shop Pro but I like PhotoShop better, I have learned a lot in 9 weeks and this is just one class per week. Paint Shop was self taught.


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        i am a paint shop pro user since 3.11 but I just bought phopshop 7 because I feel that if I ever want to go onto the job market in the graphics area if you dont use PS Iwould be laughed at, I tried PS4 but I was just to comfortable with PSP but I am going to make a concerted effort this time, I am a big fan of tutorials that users make verses the manuals users seem to talk plain english


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          I am also a PaintShopPro 7 user. I've been using it for almost a year now and feel fairly comfortable with it. I've just gotten PhotoShop and am striving to learn it. It seemed the work done by the PS users was far superior to mine, particularly in the restorations and retouching. I wanted to credit PS with this difference but I've come to decide that they're just superior to me, but I have fun trying and that's what really matters to me.


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            I use PSP 7. I do not have the resouces to purchase would be nice. But for my purposes at the present time, I am quite happy with PSP. I've had some decent results on retouching photos. See here:

            I'm not selling myself as a retoucher...though eventually I'd like to do that, and I realize I would need PS instead of PSP. But for now, I'm happy with it.

            This is my first post on this forum, and I hope to learn a lot here. I was glad to see this thread about PSP users, as I was afraid that I'd be the only PSP person here.


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              Lots of PSP users here, though I'll bet a lot of them think they're the only ones. Welcome aboard.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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