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Fiddling while Rome burns, Nero Turns Full Circle

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  • Fiddling while Rome burns, Nero Turns Full Circle

    I'm a fan of Nero burning software and watched it go through meny versions and gradually aquiring subsidiaries such as cover printers, wave editors etc. On downloading the latest version 5.5.9 what do I find added but Nero Express a series of shortcuts/wizards to enable you to guess what ! burn cd's. Are they admitting that the original software has become too cumbersome ? I'd be interested to hear site members views on burning software, has it become too complex, overloaded with extras.

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    One of the reasons why I'm still using EasyCD 3.5c. Simplicity

    I use dedicated wave editors for wave editing and PS for making covers


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      Big Al,

      For me, I was amazed at how much easier Nero was than Easy CD.


      I downloaded the update but havent installed it yet. Have you had any problems so far?



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        Sharon, I looked at an early version of Nero and was not impressed at all (eg ctrl-A to select all didn't work). One of those things I suppose, you have what you think is a bad experience with s/w and you write it off.

        I'm not sure which version of EasyCD you had, but 3.5c is really simple. I've looked at 4, which has too many extras, and 5 is buggy from what I've heard.

        I've also looked at WinOnCD (which has since been taken over by Adaptec/Roxio), but that caused my PC to hang on shutdown. The s/w itself wasn't too bad to use.

        I do quite a bit of remastering LPs to CD and want the burning s/w to do just that burn the CD. The bits and pieces that get added to burning s/w to assist in recording and cleaning the wav files are better done by standalone s/w. (Then on the other hand, those packages are now also adding burning s/w!!!)


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          Thanks S & A. On seeing the new version it amused me to see the add on that performed the softwares original function. I've burned a couple of discs without problems on the new version.

          With XP of course a burning facility is integral with the OS and I think this trend will continue with all types of software having a 'burn' ability. Things have improved a lot since my 2 speed HP burner and my 30% failure rate has improved markedly since then presumably as a result of improved software.

          Never had much luck with Roxio in its earlier guises but I use Clone CD and Feurio with few problems.


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            Funny, we had Easy CD and Nero but I chose Nero because it was so easy. I'm one who loves easy. I didn't even realize there was a hard way of doing things with Nero since I always just follow the little wizard. I looked at what Chris was talking about and immediately thought, nope, more info than I need.

            I wouldn't say I was computer illiterate but more like computer Just Barely so if I find Nero easy that generally means a moron could use it.


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              Yes I can !!!


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