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  • norton ghost help

    HI! does anyone know of a free or shareware software that can convert a quicktime mov into a windows media player mped format for pc? I only finds one for MAC.
    I also have questions about norton ghost 6 pls. bear with me, thank you!
    1.What is the difference between the enterprise and the normal version of norton ghost?
    2. which compresses more norton ghost or powerquest drive image?
    3. which is easier to use? ghost or drive image?
    4. if you pc got the klez virus for ex. but you image the drive c before the virus came, if you restore that image will it also erase the virus itself? will the ghost file be infected because drive c got infected even though at the first place there's not virus in it.
    5. Why is it longer to image from one partition to the same partition within the same hard drive?
    6. what are all the numerous other ghostpe options there are? is it possible to not create a bootup disk and then just use the one windows 2000 creates and then navigate to the ghost directory in your hard drive? or do u really have to create a boot disk created by ghost itself?

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