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  • epson scanner update /MAC OSX

    Does anyone know when the update for Epson scanners will be ready. I have an Espon 636U and I have to scan everything in ps6 then reboot in OSX to do my retouching in PS7.

    I have tried going to Classic but my menus don't show up in PS6 unless I reboot in 9.2.

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    I have a PC and and Epson 1650 photo. I never had to reboot or use PS 6 to use it. Is this only a Mac problem? Did you go to the Epson site and ask there? I would if I were you. You paid for it, you have a right to have something that will work for you.


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      Actually I have and they replied almost immediately. They are working on it and its not ready yet. I'm impatient though.


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        Oh, then you at least know a solution is on the way. That's cool. I know what you mean about being impatient though. Did you request an e-mail notice of the update when it comes out? That might have been a good idea. That way you will be right on it as soon as it comes out.

        Curious though, is this a Mac problem only?


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          That's a good idea - I will ask them to send me an email.

          I don't know if this is only a Mac problem. Are there any other members with Mac's. I would like to know if the have similar problems. Maybe I should start a new thread. Another problem I have with PS7 is "Printer Error - An Error Occurred while Printing." Very informative message isn't it? I get this message occasionally.


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            Yeah, I hate those messages. But doesn't it give you an option to click on for more details? Don't know how to solve this, just curious actually.

            I know there are more Mac users here but don't exactly know which ones they are and whether or not they are using PS 7 and Epson printers. Wouldn't hurt to inquire.


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              DJ, Anthony's particular problem would only be a Mac problem.

              Just to explain, PS7 only runs under the latest Mac operating system which is called OSX. It won't run under earlier versions of the Mac operating system, this is true of a number of programs, and conversely, many Mac programs that ran fine under earlier operating systems will not run at all under OSX.

              To allow Mac users to enjoy OSX without having to replace all their old software, Apple included the "Classic" environment which "theoretically" allows the user to boot up in OSX, but still run their earlier software in an OS9 emulator.

              That all sounds good in theory, but unfortunately what Anthony has found out is that his scanner drivers won't work in OSX, and won't work in the "Classic" emulator either so he has to boot his system in an earlier version of the operating system (OS9) to do the scanning and then boot back into OSX to use PS7 - I can see Anthony being very annoyed by this.

              I've so far avoided the problem by having not upgrading to PS7 so I can continue to do all my work in OS9. This would not be an option that would appeal to Anthony and unfortunately, I don't have an answer for him. Company that haven't bothered to update their drivers are showing very poor customer service in my opinion.



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