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  • Penpalette and filters

    Hey all,

    I was just curious if anyone else has been using "Penpalette"?
    Although the software came with my tablet when purchased, I never really used it until after I viewed the video "power photo editing" by Scott Kelby. This is actually a instructional video that pertains to Photoshop 7 and the wacom tablet.
    Anyway . . . to make a long story short, I've been using pen palette for a while now and have become very impressed with the software and the time saving filters (especially the sunshine filter, skylight and various contrast filters). I currently have the Classic/design bundle and the inkjet sharpener which I'm quite content with. These are not like many other filters which you might use once in a blue moon. I find myself using these filters "daily". The fact that you can paint small amounts of effects (if you wish) , and the endless possibilities to enhance a photo, with little effort is quite nice.
    I was once a military photographer and I'm quite familiar with the usage of lens filters, which nik has managed to recreate to a large extent in a digital format. I would appreciate any feedback from others who have been using penpalette, with or without the optional filters. It seems since I've discovered this software, I'm hooked.

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    Sounds intriguing...

    To be sure I understand (I'm still a mouse user), with this particular instrument, you can (in effect) choose a filter (any filter, or just the ones in their bundle?) and then selectively apply the effects via the stylus (or pen or whatever it's called)?

    Appreciate you sharing this info.



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      Perhaps it would have been more logical for me to have posted the site that this pertains to, listed below:

      After you choose the filter and adjust it to your preference while in the penPalette mode you can then hit "apply" and nothing happens, that is, until you paint it in. It works in the same manner as a mask, you can either apply the effect . . .or erase with both opacity and pressure control. You also have the option to "fill" the image with the chosen effect if you so desire. When not using the penpalette, the individual filters can be selected and used as you would use any photoshop filter.


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