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    I recently downloaded the Lightroom trial, and I have to admit, i am impressed. I figurd out a work flow that worked for me in a matter of a couple of hours.

    Here is my problem. I worked on my RAW photos, made crops, adjustments, etc and exported to JPEGS to post, no issues. I closed lightroom.

    Now I have reopened Lightroom and none of the settings are still there. I am used to Bridge where it rights your changes to the XMP file and next time you open Bridge your adjustments are there.

    What did I miss in Lightroom. I have to try and duplicate my work now.

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    Re: Adobe Lightroom

    Bridge has two options for saving the adjustments to a RAW file. One is an .XMP or it saves all the changes in a log file. Which method it uses depends on what was chosen in the Prefences / Options. It could be that Lightroom has the same two options. Check the prefs to see if that is the case.
    You can also do a Windows search for *.XMP to see if it the XMP files were created but stored elsewhere on your system.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Adobe Lightroom


      Aside from Murray's point, when you opened up LR, all the changes you did to each image should still be there in the Develop Panel. They do not just disappear unless you click back in history and start correcting again.
      Like Bridge, you can have LR make a separate sidecar or embed.



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