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Removing/Reinstalling GoBack

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  • Removing/Reinstalling GoBack

    I had to uninstall and reinstall GoBack as the result of Nortons utilities running amok and corrupting the files. I discovered that simply using the uninstall function will not completely remove all registry entries and when you try to reinstall, the program kindly informs you that"... the uninstall is complete..." then shuts down. As the support is only free for 90 days and it costs $35.00 for tech. advice from Roxio, save yourself some money and do this after letting the Uninstaller "do it's thing" ( which, by the way, takes about 15 minutes!!):
    (1) From START menu select RUN
    (2) type regedit then hit OK
    (3) From the menu that appears click on HKEY LOCAL MACHINE
    (4) Then click on the "+" next to the SOFTWARE folder
    (5) At the bottom of the list that appears find the file labled "ROXIO"
    (6) Rt. click it and select DELETE
    (7) Close out and reinstall Goback.... Tom

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    Seems like a problem with their software ought to result in a no-charge call. Not exactly a policy that gets you excited about buying the next version or another product they sell.

    Thx for sharing the experience & how-to.


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      Yea...I was a bit less than happy when I found out about the will influence my further purchase of Roxio products...
      Happily, I had run across this problem with files which refuse to go away before knew approx. what to do...
      One other thing, I clear out the back up files Go Back generates once a first I didnt and noticed that the Computer slowed down...also a Registry back up is a good idea. Just in case.....Tom


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        Tom, thanks for this tip. Where are the GoBack back-up files kept?



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