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Comprehensive Review of Neat Image 6

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  • Comprehensive Review of Neat Image 6

    I just finished a 40 page review of Neat Image. It's a free .PDF download.

    I hope it's helpful for anyone choosing noise reduction software. It also includes some tips and tricks to get better results with Neat Image.



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    Re: Comprehensive Review of Neat Image 6

    very nice, mitch. i'm not currently using neat image, but a lot of folks here do, so i'm sure this will be appreciated!


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      Re: Comprehensive Review of Neat Image 6

      i second the thanks Mitch, i found out about neat image from this site and agree it is used by many. a 40 page review, can't wait to read it. kinda sounds like there is a lot about neat image that i do not yet know about :-)


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        Re: Comprehensive Review of Neat Image 6

        Looks like a lot of quality work went into this review Mitch. I've been using NI for several years now (stand-a-lone; still get free updates when they occur). Not really using it as much as I use to (only for a certain type of grain noise reduction), but still I take it for a spin now and then. Also, when I do want to get plastic skin, I use it for that too. lol

        Thanks for the link. Glimpsed though the PDF file, but I will do a more thorough reading when I'm not so tired.


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