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Strange behavior in PS7.0

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  • Strange behavior in PS7.0

    I need some help. All of a sudden tonight when I started running my actions in PS, a dialogue box will pop up asking me to click ok to continue running the action. It never used to act strangely like this. There must be a toggle to suppress dialogue boxes such as this that I'm missing completely. Can you help?

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    Does this happen with all of your actions, or just some of them? Some actions include a "Stop" with a continue button - usually to describe what the action will do or inform you of a step that you have to provide input. Sometimes these Stops are in the action, but turned "off" by unchecking the check box next to that line in the action. Is it possible that you accidentally checked a box next to a Stop that was previously turned off?



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      Hi Jon:

      In the Action palette there are two columns next to each action step. The one on the far left is the "toggle item" column. The one slightly to the right of it, toward the center, is the "toggle dialog" column.

      It's possible that the "toggle item" box got checked "on" next to the action name. If that's the case every step in the action that has a dialog box will display it. Try clicking it on/off and note what happens to the "toggle item" column for all action steps.

      It's possible, also, that the "toggle item" box got checked on for one or more individual action steps. Click this option "off" to suppress the dialog.

      See if this helps a little...


      Jeanie... Didn't see your post before launching this one. Great minds, huh? :=)


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