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    just got my hands on a copy, finally.

    stop making photoshop geared toward the sunday artist!!! how clunky are they gonna make this thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    leave some room for the professional who uses it 60 hours a week!

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    I am a professional who uses CS4 for more than 60 hrs / wk. This is the 1st such comment I have seen on CS4 and appears to be opposite of what the other 9999 users have experienced. CS4 is more powerful, faster, and featured than any previous version. In what way is it geared to the Sunday artist?


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      i used cs4 for 2 weeks and ended up going back to cs3, cs4 just slowed me down far too much...


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        I loaded the trial version of CS4.

        honestly i wasnt a big fan. Im not saying it isnt a good program, but i felt like i was hunting around for all the stuff that should be where i expected it.

        and what happened to the extraction filter? i couldnt find it.


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          Originally posted by mistermonday View Post
          This is the 1st such comment I have seen on CS4 and appears to be opposite of what the other 9999 users have experienced.
          i could swear i read somewhere that there were 10,002 users...?


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            What, let's hide all the bloat wear. Make them work for it! I've always thought it was clunky. There must be 10,003.


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              Luckily the interface is customizable. Try this extra clean workspace I designed.
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                I have tryed more than 10 versions of photoshop cs4 and Master collections, figure where I got those in your mind. All of them were so slow I finally quited looking for other versions. I used a Intel PIV 3,40 GHz with a Ati 512 RAM SP3 32-bits 4 GB of RAM. I tryed all the ways, liek defragmenting the HD, formating the disk, updating drivers, upgrading the OS, any thing you can image and nothing. Same in my gf's PC.
                Strangely, I installed the same damn copy in my gf's computer few weeks ago and worked like a charm but wait! I hav heard the ony hting you need to run it properly was an update for PS. Got the patch and voila! Problem solved.


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                  CS4 is generally better than CS3, but only just. In CS4 There are huge speed advantages, especially with screen view and graphics update, now that Open GL is used. That's the main advantage and why NOW I wouldn't want to go back. Stick with it, if you have a decent graphics card thats my advice.

                  Color Range is MUCH better in CS4, and there is a very useful Auto-align feature. Oh yeah and brush resizing is for the first time easy to get hold of which is a major advantage, for any high end use. Rotate View is also useful.

                  The interface, they have been making daft decisions now for the last few versions. In CS4 they have decided to contain it all within this Windows style 'application frame', luckily if you are on a mac you can turn all this off! Not if you are on Windows though. Guess they got nothing better to do. There is also added wasted screen space with a top bar which is more or less useless except for accessing workspaces.

                  Adjustment layers, they have now made it blindingly obvious to access for idiots (people who were SO stubbornly incompetent that they didn't know adjustment layers existed I assume). Now you have to use adjustment layers fixed to the panel bays. And the panel bays themselves are difficult to drag around, and not that well designed. Solar presets are easier to access, but Curves itself was easier to use in CS3. And that's the only major move backwards for the application. Fortunately there are workarounds

                  Just my input there Mr Adobe
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                    I really hated the new CS4 interface when I switched from CS2. Nothing seemed to be in the right place. I have since learned to change the interface a bit to something likeable. I don't even have openGL. I don't think I would switch back, although I still have CS2 on my machine, in case CS 4 is discovered to lack something I would need in CS2.

                    One of the things I did was go to Adobe and download the free PDF manual for CS4. I like that way better than the forum online. And as far as the extract filter goes, all of the filters are still available. I either downloaded the free plugins from Adobe or got them off the disk. I don't remember. Lost in the fog of stress and time.

                    I will say Bridge is a huge improvement over the CS2 version, as is the Camera Raw editor.

                    One thing I have learned about CS4 is to keep the adjustment layers panel docked on the right. If it touches the image window, wierd things happen. I believe Russel Brown cautions against this in his tutorials. Also make sure the caps lock key is off.

                    Gary Silverstein
                    We Shoot
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                      I'm liking CS4. Rotating the view is something that after an initial adjustment period I could not work without anymore. Also when you're working in close-up, press and hold H. YOu zoom out to a full view of the image and it shows you a viewport on the image where you are. It's like they took the navigator and made it quicker, easier and a lot more usefull.

                      It's also a lot more stable for me with opening RAW files. The interface, well... I don't spend that much time looking at it, I mean the panels are on my right screen, as they always were and now that I've gotten used to haveing all my adjustments in the same place I kind of like it.

                      Overall it's quite good


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                        I do like cs4, but it is HUGE! Sometimes it freezes up on me after a lot of's so frustrating to lose your work. I constantly have to delete files from my c drive because of all the pictures i make.


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                          Most of us probably need a lot more computer memory and horsepower to run CS4 than we have. I have Win XP stretched to its limits and it still runs out of memory occasionally. The only answer is to buy something bigger and better, and if you can't, then suffer. Such is the price of a very powerful program that does so much.

                          Gary Silverstein

                          We Shoot


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                            I used Cs4 for a week also. Alot of my plug-ins and some of the filters kept acting up...No prima donas with CS3


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                              It's still possible they will come out with some patches to help with the glitches in cs4. The full CS4 master collection takes up 18.5 gigabytes..then you have plugin's and brushes..etc.
                              Personally I need a bigger, better video card.


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