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    I agree with you Tex. I have the older version and I can't find anything forbidding the sharing of the demo. The site describes that the full retail version has only been distributed commercially in the business world for developers and producers and the last editing occured over 2 years ago.


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      Is there anyone who would help me by forwarding a copy of the freely distributed fully functional demo version of the program. I only want the one that was distributed by the manufacturer that came fully functional. I do not want one that has been made fully functional by any artificial means. Only the one that came that way from the company.

      If so please let me know.



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        Just curous, how would anyone contact you? You have no option for e-mail or Private messages. There is no way for anyone to contact you. You might want to enable those on your personal profile. What ever you do, I would not recommend you publicizing your e-mail address in the forum.


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          Why is there a problem putting the email address on the forum? Do people abuse it or something?



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            No there's no problem generally it's just that it becomes public knowledge. You leave yourself open to alot of spam. By allowing Private Messaging or e-mail through the site you can be contacted without revealing your address to unsavory elements. It's your choice but I figured since you chose not to allow Private messages or e-mail you wanted to remain private.


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              Hey . . . other than "Mr. Tex" . . .there are others that would like a version of this program that works. Damn, if you have a version that is older (and works), there can be NO reason why you could not distribute it. What's the difference as to "where" it comes from, as long as it makes it to the masses. Afterall . . . wasn't that the authors intention???

              So with this in mind, hand over the file DJ.


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                Just contact me.


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