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IE6 SP1 troubles

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  • IE6 SP1 troubles

    My turn to gripe about browser oddness. Service Pack 1 for MS Internet Explorer 6 was release a week ago. Ever since I installed it I've been having problems getting 100% of images to load on a page. Usually it's small gifs, like the arrows in these forums, but it happens on many websites. Reloading fixes the problem, but sometimes causes other images to miss that previously loaded fine.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm a big fan of IE6, but I can't recommend the Service Pack until I get this solved.
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    I have been experiencing the same things, albeit intermittently. Occasionally the preview images in the gallery will not load all the way and I have noticed this on other sites as well...and I just upgraded to 6.0, so I think that is indeed the source of the problem. I might have to dust Netscape off!


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      For what it's worth, I tried manually emptying my browser cache (via Tools>Internet Settings) and it worked...for now. But will it continue working once the cache is full again? We shall see.
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        Yes, I've noticed the same problems. In addition to what you've mentioned, I also seem to have problems loading pages that I "never" had problems with before. Sometimes it takes several trys before they load. Initially I thought it was an ISP problem, but after reading your post, the birth of these problems started after downloading the service pack 1 upgrade. Seems my browser cannot find "common" pages at times and fails to load all images when I eventually get there (but not always).

        I'm in the process of trying your "temporary" fix, that is, deleting my browser cache. Seems to be working so far (I also increased the size). Kind of scary, isn't it?? My once "flawless" browser now seems to sputter because I made a "suggested critical upgrade". . . sigh


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          This is really strange. I just upgraded to IE5.5 SP-2. I'm now having the problems described in this thread. Refreshing just once fixes everything however.


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            Regarding my 'temporary fix', it didn't work.

            It's a shame such a fine browser is having such rudimentary problems, but I must also admit that it's good to see problems that aren't specific to this site
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              Interesting. I went to uninstall IE6 in order to do a fresh re-install (recommended by MS to address the many SP1 issues) and was given an option to restore the previous installation. I chose that, and it removed SP1 but left IE6. All seems to be back to normal now.
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