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strange behavior

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  • strange behavior

    After a recent hard drive crash and replacement I had to reinstall Photoshop 6. I've reinstalled all of my plugins and actions ect. All seemed to be working fine but today I needed to use an action for the first time since the reinstall and to my amazement discovered that my actions pallet won't open. My filters work but not the actions. I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas?

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    Won't open? You mean the actions are there, and you can see them, but they don't work? Or can you not see the actions at all? Have you loaded them? Maybe Photoshop is looking where they WERE and not where they now ARE.


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      ...or "Won't open" from the perspective that clicking "Show Actions" has no effect on displaying/hiding the actions palette?

      A+ on having a backup of your custom actions to retore. Most people don't.


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        I click on the arrow to expand the menu for the actions and nothing happens the arrow seems to be responding but the menu won't open. I can't even tell it to load actions. I guess the best way is to reinstall photoshop but as I haven't changed the location of the actions file I don't know if that's going to work. But then again maybe something got jumbled in the reinstall??


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          I dont know the answer I'm afraid, but I have a suggestion (oh great!). Did you remove all the registry settings for Photoshop? Perhaps residue in the registry is conflicting with the fresh install.

          Sorry if thats sod all help


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            because I had to get a new hard drive there were no old registry entries so that wasn't the problem. I just reinstalled and it's working just fine now so I'll put it down to somthing going a miss in the first install. computers never cease to baffle me.