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    Hi Folks

    I have a question concerning the software that you use to print your photographs.

    With my canon camera came a program called "PhotoRecord". This program is really nice. It allows you to add frames and art backgrounds to your photos along with specifying how many photos you can put on a page. It is mainly for creating photo album pages. Alas, it is not very compatible with PS 7.0. It crashes without any message. The writers have fixed this in there latest version but it is about $50.00 to get the new version.

    Before I spend the money, I was wondering what software you folks use for printing. I know it can be done in photoshop, but laying out the pages there is much more difficult and I would prefer having a program specifically for printing..

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Have a look at Quimage I use at as a viewer as well.


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      Thanks for the link.. I downloaded the demo but it is acting up..Getting messages that demo has expired...So the search continues.



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        HI Jerry,
        I usually use Arcsoft photo printer for most of my printouts. It's not too bad.


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          Funny the Quimage demo should fall over Jerry. I'd persevere with it possibly an e-mail to the prog writer he's very fast in responding to problem requests.



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