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Photoshop 6, Photoshop 7 Seamless Tile Plugin

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  • Photoshop 6, Photoshop 7 Seamless Tile Plugin

    Stumbled across this little gem in the Photoshop 6 Wow Book:

    "The Tile Maker filter that comes with ImageReady 3 is designed for making seamlessly tiling patterns for Web backgrounds. But you can also use it in Photoshop." (This applies to PS7 folks as well.)

    Do a search on TileMaker.8bf

    Copy the .8bf to the plugins folder and you're in business.

    The plugin also works under PS 5.5.


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    Thanks for the tip Danny.

    Just one comment: My search for TileMaker yielded no results. Tile Maker found it.
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      has a great tiling demo plus other neat free stuff.

      You know that PS will make tileable images quite easily simply by using the offset function to move the edges of the image to the center then you just blend the edge, restore the image to the correct position and wala, vua la, voi la,,,,,,,,,,presto! you have a tiled image.



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