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Where did my actions go?

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  • Where did my actions go?

    I just created several actions in PS and searched for them using a wildcard *.atn in my PS directory and subdirectories in my C drive and I can find them. Yet they are in PS and function normally. Are all of them embedded somewhere in a single file?

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    Check here for your answer:

    ...however, other than make a copy of this .psp file, you can't "do" much with it.

    One can save action sets (groups of actions) via the SAVE ACTIONS... command which can be found in the Actions palette menu (top R black triangle), enabling one to save the action set as an .atn file to disk. One cannot save an individual action unless it is the only action in an action set. This SAVE ACTIONS... method is the way folks share their actions with others.

    Another thing one can do is save your entire action palette as a text file (readable with Notepad, Wordpad, Word or any word processor).

    While holding down ALT + CTRL, click any action set, then select SAVE ACTIONS... from the menu. Notice in the SAVE dialog box the file type is .txt. Makes no difference which action set you choose: ALL action sets are written to your hard disk as a text file.

    Hope this helps...



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      Danny, I can't believe it until you pointed it out to me. It was right in front of my nose and I didn't see it! I'm almost embarassed. Oh well, sometimes you can't learn unless you ask questions. The reason I asked this question was I reloaded all the programs back on my C drive after I repartitioned it and forget to save out my actions. So I had to recreate them but wasn't too bad, but I'll remember next time. Thanks again!