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    I'm not sure if this was a fluke, or if it's always that way....but! I just installed a second hard drive. Previously, of course, I had my scratch disk on the primary (only) hard drive. After installing a second drive, I set aside a partitioned 5 GB for my scratch disk. My primary (original) drive has a seek time of .8 ms, and the new drive (slightly slower) is .9 ms. The speed difference in Photoshop was absolutely huge! I still can't believe the speed I've gained.


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    Great, Ed!

    Now you have to change your avatar to a roadrunner -- beep! beep!

    I'll have to try that 2nd hard drive someday... and a 2nd monitor... and


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      How 'bout a turbo charged pig?



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        Glad the second drive worked out Ed! I also noticed a speed increase when I added a second disk...especially with some of my larger files (150mb+). Just keep the drive defragmented and you should be a happy camper!


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          I wonder if your speed increase is related to the warning message I got when I upgraded to PS 7.

          When I first upgraded, PS put up a warning dialog box that said that it was a bad idea to have the Windows swap disk and the PS scratch disk on the same partition. I've never heard anyone else mention this, and I'm not sure it would show that warning if you don't already have multiple partitions.

          It cold be that there is some inherent conflict when there are two major data streams going in and out of one partition at the same time... It is good the you are getting more speed. So now you can do all your work at 4000dpi in 16-bit mode, right?



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            First post to this great web page or should I say Group!! But are the rotational speeds of the first and second HD the same? This has a lot to do with information transfer. Once again thanks for being on the web, I have been searching for a group like this for some time.



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              That's where I saw a huge difference. On the large files.

              I've seen that message pop up several times when I run Photoshop. They must know what they're talking about.

              Hi LactoBeeZor! Welcome to the site. As you've found out, this is a great place to have someone hold your hand. Both drives are 7200 rpm. Hope to hear more from you.



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