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  • web photo gallery software

    I am looking for software to make www based photo gallery. I was wondering if anybody have an experience using one. I know that Photoshop has a plug in to do exactly that, but I am looking for something more sophisticated.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: web photo gallery software

    You mean something like this? It's free.
    You can download the program from here without
    creating an account.
    Also, Google's Picasa will make a web gallery.
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      Re: web photo gallery software


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        Re: web photo gallery software

        Thank you.


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          Re: web photo gallery software

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            Possibly the easiest way to put a gallery online is via Photoshop's automated Web Photo Gallery (sometimes called WebContactSheet) routine.

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            Mac OS10.2.4 PSE2

            Thanks, Margaret
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