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The One-Way Photoshop Game

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  • The One-Way Photoshop Game

    I've no idea why I thought this might be fun, but here goes.

    There are two ways to play:

    The first way is to think of a function Photoshop has only one way of performing.

    The second way is to double-check first-part suggestions and try to find another way of doing them.

    If this generates no interest I'll move it to Salon and say I was kidding
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Sounds like not only an interesting game, but an educational one. Since I don't have much of an idea how calculations are used, that's my guess for the function that has only one way of doing.



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      Ed, I'm still learning what I can do with the Calculations command, but "Apply Image" will do similar blending with some differences as to which channels they can address -- at least in some versions of PShop. I can blend different single channels together in Calculations, but it appears that Apply Image lets me blend a single channel with the COMPOSITE channels of an image. (Warning -- this is not necessarily accurate, it's just what I know about today)


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        Ok, it is my belief that PS has numerous ways of doing every task available to it and then some so here is my only idea in this game that can't be refuted in some way. Or at least none that I can think of.....

        You can't do anything in Photoshop without first turning it on. There's only one way to do that. You must click on it first.

        Yahoo!! I win Do I get a prize?


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          DJ's answer

          Good thinking, DJ! Now let's see who's got another answer...


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            Except that deb has overlooked the fact that Photoshop can be started by adding it to the startup task list in Windows. Now you do not even have to click.

            Debs, Husband


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              DJ, this might be a Mac thing, but I don't have to click on PhotoShop to use it. I can drag an image file to the PhotoShop icon and it will open up. Or I can double click on an image file and the Mac operating system knows to open PhotoShop.

              I think you can do the same thing in some versions of Windows...

              .... so do I get a prize??



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                And I have PS set to open when I hit ctrl-alt-P
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  OK I give.


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                    Sorry DJ

                    Here's my contribution: You can only create the "File Info" note by choosing File >> File Info

                    I'm putting on my body armor now



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                      I hear ya Margaret. That armour will come in handy, cause they're merciless. Even my husband wouldn't let me get away with that one. That was the first time he's ever posted anything here and for what, only to stab his loyal companion in the back.


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                        I think this is a good idea but...

                        How about if we changed it to see if we could find the most ways of doing something in Photoshop...

                        For example: making a mask (I prefer to call it a selection)

                        1. quickmask
                        2. pen tool
                        3. marquee tool(s)
                        4. extract command
                        5. layer mask
                        6. etc.

                        Just a thought


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                          Here's my contribution: You can only create the "File Info" note by choosing File >> File Info
                          Good thing you have that body armor on, Margaret, 'cause on my computer (WinNT) I can either go to File > File info, or right click on the blue image header and chose file info from there...


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                            Originally posted by Jakaleena
                            Good thing you have that body armor on, Margaret,
                            Well, you got me there Jak but on my Mac, I don't have the blue header so I can't find another way to do it.

                            But all is not lost. While I was trying to find a way to do that, I clicked on some buttons I had previously ignored - I know, open your eyes Margaret - I'm attaching a screen shot just in case I'm the only one with tunnel vision.

                            Take care,
                            Attached Files


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                              O.K. I'll take a shot..

                              Image>rotate canvas>arbitrary>select an angle..

                              Can this be done another way.. Not rotating a selection but the whole canvas..



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