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A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

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  • A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

    I thought it might be a good idea to share this info with you all.

    Starting November 25, you can purchase Filter Forge at a 50% discount:

    - The holiday discount is 50% - you save up to $150.
    - The discount applies to any edition of Filter Forge.
    - If you purchase Filter Forge 1.0 now, you can get a free key for the Filter Forge 2.0 beta.


    Thank you,
    Filter Forge Team

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    Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

    Free key for Filter Forge 2.0 beta..but what happens when the real Filter Forge 2.0 comes much then? Normally you are giving a 40% up if someone buys now at 50% what how much more when 2.0 arrives?


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      Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

      FF 2 isn't available now. Those of us using it are using v1.018 so we are in the same boat except we paid more than what is offered now. So what's the problem?


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        Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

        we frankly dont know what FF2 will cost when it finally comes out officially. but, i can tell you this, version 2 is being tested and developed in stages. the first stage is out and being tested and debugged. i presume the next stage is being worked on. it's been announced that there are several stages, at least. i dont know exactly how many or how much time all of that will consume, but i wouldnt expect a discounted discount from buying version 1 now in the hopes you'll get 2 for free or a very lowered rate. i just dont think they're that close yet to any sort of official release.

        we have seen some of the previews for stage 2 and it's pretty slick. stage one is pretty slick and if they implement even a quarter of the user suggestions, stage 3 and beyond are going to be pretty damn slick also.

        i can also tell you that FF is making a big move to HDRI (high dynamic resolution images). they already had some parts, but in the new stages it's showing up even more. there are also new 'shape' components for building objects more easily. and they've also added particle bombers in stage one. if you dont know what that is, think repetitive duplication of objects in varying sizes, shapes, opacities and so on... particles bombed out everywhere

        but, getting back to the question, skydog, your best source of info is at i'm not an official representative or an employee or anything like that. i'm just an addict check the source for official answers.

        in version one beta test, they gave all the testers a free copy of the pro version for helping out. in version two, they have NOT announced such a thing, so no guarantees on that this time. what you do get is almost like insider information. you get to play with the new toys at no cost to you. you get to input your own ideas for consideration. and, you get to play with the new toys at no cost to you... or did i say that already? at any rate, you get to play with the new... wait a minute... so, you do get something for nothing, essentially. how long that lasts, we really dont know. i would guess it's going to be over 6 months if not longer, unless they decide to make an official release after one of the stages but before some of the others. tricky... again, go check out the site for official info. i may have the whole thing wrong.


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          Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

 problem is that I don't want to pay for version 1 and then turn right around and have to upgrade to version 2 only to end up paying more by paying for both versions instead of just waiting for version 2 to be released. Often when discounts like this occur is happens right before a new version is released.


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            Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

            Isn't an upgrade usually cheaper than a new (possibly increased) price? Just a hunch based on Photoshop and other apps.


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              Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

              Probably...I just asked if anyone knew their policy. Gunner..thanks for the post.


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                Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

                Well, I got some dough for Christmas; more then enough to even pay full price for Filter Forge. Thinking I will get the new version when it comes out next year (but my cheap bones might take over; lol). We shall see. Don't really want to buy the old version (despite the discount) when I know the new version will be coming out so soon (assuming it will have all the features of the current version including compatibilities as well as new gizmos).


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                  Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

                  well, lyle, if you got the 'old' version now, you could always make three high use filters and win version II for free. or, you could make eight high use filters and get version II and free lifetime upgrades (you old skinflint, you! )


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                    Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

                    Took long enough for me to sort of figure out Impressionist. lol

                    If and when I do get it, I'm mainly going to use it for creating seamless textures and maybe do some of those fantastic metallics that you have already posted examples of. As long as they keep it at a reasonable price (don't do a Lucis) then I will more then likely get it next year. Want Fractilus too, but at that high of price and since it only does that one effect, that filter isn't worth it to me (but envious I am to those who bought the bullet and got it). FF is much more of a benefit for the price, but again, I don't want to buy an old version knowing that a new version is about to be release, or depend on being a "winner" to get a free upgrade.


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                      Re: A 50% Holiday Discount on Filter Forge

                      yes, i understand about buy now, get screwed later however, version one is 50% right now. i dont know FF inc.'s official policy on all this, so i would see if there is a related question on their forums or in their help section or just in their sales area. and, push come to shove, just log into the forums and ask vladimir. he's busy a lot but he does respond more than a lot of companies that have forum presences.

                      i also dont know when version II will be officially released. i hinted on their forum that i would expect it out no later than mid-summer and i got one response from one of the FF guys that that was probably longer than they were expecting it to take. so, there's some data, anyways.

                      also, in version I, their 30 demo could be extended to 90 days... in some cases. this was usually if the person requesting the extension was active and visible on the web site. i dont know if this is still done or not, but it never hurts to ask. and in 90 days, one could conceivably earn enough high usage filters to get the program for free


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